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Cribs for Kids

Bunky Feeding Bundle

Cribs for Kids has partnered with Bunky to bring you everything you need to make mealtime fun for you and your baby.

Includes a variety of essential baby products to help new parents seamlessly adjust to feeding their baby.

The Bunky Feeding Bundle includes:

-Bunky Bowl

-Bunky Plate

-Set of two spoons

-Bunky bib

-Cribs for Kids Snack Cup

-Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Educational Brochure 


Product Details:

Bunky Bowl and Plate

Silicone Bowl is nice and deep to keep as much in the bowl as possible. The suction on the bottom is great to keep the bowl in place as baby tries to navigate the spoon on their own. Silicone Plate has suction on the bottom to keep put while baby is chasing their peas! The fun bear shape and cute facial features inside will keep baby's attention while eating.

Bunky Spoons

Silicone Spoons are a great way to introduce independent eating to your baby. Around 6 months motor skills are being developed and scooping up yummies is a great way to work on hand-eye coordination.

Bunky Bib

Mealtime can be challenging; you can’t control your little picky eater, the occasional temper tantrum, or the Picasso-style messes. But our front pocket, silicone bib can stand up to all the messes and be washed clean, ready for tomorrow. We don’t want to brag, but mealtime just got marvelous!

Cribs for Kids Snack Cup

This adorable frog-themed snack cup is great for in the high chair or on-the-go snacking.