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Cribs for Kids

Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket Bundle

The Cribs for Kids Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket is the perfect safe option to keep your baby warm and cozy during naptime and bedtime.

Includes a variety of wearable blankets to help new parents seamlessly adjust to safe sleep with their baby.

The Snoozzzette Bundle includes:

-1 Cream fleece Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket

-Your choice of either a baby blue or soft pink Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket

-1 Toss print cotton Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket

-Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Educational Brochure 


Product Details

Cribs for Kids Snoozzzette Wearable Blanket

The Cribs for Kids Snoozzzette™ is a wearable blanket available in premium microfleece or cotton that provides an alternative to loose blankets that could pose a safety hazard to your baby.  

Bell-shaped design allows baby to kick their feet and wiggle their arms

Sleeveless to help reduce the risk of overheating

Soft, gentle, and comfortable on baby's skin

Zipper guard helps prevent rubbing and keeps little hands away from zipper pull


Newborn- from 0-3 months

Small-  from 0-6 months

Medium-  from 6-12 months