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Cribs for Kids

Working Mom's Breastfeeding Bundle

Cribs for Kids assembled a Breastfeeding Kit for the working Mom that contains everything you need to achieve success with your breastfeeding journey.

Includes a variety of essential breastfeeding products to help new parents seamlessly adjust to life with a newborn.

Breastfeeding Starter Kit Bundle includes:

-Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Set

-Evenflo Tote Bag with Cooler and Storage Bottles

-Water Bottle for Mom

-Washable Breast Pads (set of 2, white)

-Cribs for Kids Safe Sleep Educational Brochure 


Product Details:

Lansinoh Breastfeeding Starter Set

Everything mom needs to successfully start and continue breastfeeding! Each item helps address some of the most common breastfeeding ailments including sore nipples, plugged ducts, and leaking through clothing.

Box Contents:

24 - Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads

1 - Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream (7 grams)

2 - Lansinoh TheraPearl Therapy Packs

1 - Lansinoh LatchAssist Nipple Everter


Evenflo Tote Bag with Cooler and Storage Bottles

The Evenflo Feeding Pumping Accessories is a great kit for any pumping mom! The black, classic shoulder bag provides all the room you need and more. This set includes the Advanced Breast Milk Storage Bags to help you collect, store and freeze your pumped breast milk. These leak resistant bags feature a dual-track zipper and enhanced wide side seals, so you can feel confident that your pumped milk is safe and sealed securely. Pump directly into your milk storage bags with the included Advanced Milk Storage Bag Pump Adapter, which is compatible with all Evenflo Feeding Advanced Breast Pumps and most other standard neck breast pump brands. The two breast milk collection bottles hold up to 5 fluid ounces, are compatible with all Evenflo Feeding breast pumps and most other standard neck breast pump brands, and include silicone sealing discs that provide spill-resistant storage. In addition, the kit includes three ice packs to use in your cooler bag, helping you keep your pumped breast milk cool and fresh until you get home to baby. The included insulated cooler bag stores up to six Evenflo Feeding Milk Collection Bottles and three Evenflo Feeding Ice Packs.


Eastman Tritan Water Bottle 

The bottle is a 34oz single wall Eastman Tritan™ water/sport bottle. Tritan is a tough, shatter-resistant, 100% BPA-free copolyester that can withstand sub-freezing and boiling temperatures. The black plastic twist-on cap is attached to the bottle via a tethered strap.

The design is printed, it is NOT a decal/vinyl. It is resistant to scratching and will not peel like a sticker. Hand washing is always recommended. Need to drink more water!? The water table on the back helps you drink your water all day long. This is the perfect water bottle for anyone looking to drink more water each day.


Washable Nursing Pads

Lansinoh Washable Nursing Pads offer superior absorbency and extra confidence, wash after wash. The absorbent core is designed with bamboo fibers to quickly absorb leaks for a clean dry feeling.

Key Features:

Superior absorbency for extra confidence

Ultra-soft and waterproof for reusable leak-proof protection, wash after wash

Waterproof Layer for leak-proof protection

BPA and BPS Free

Easy to Machine Wash

How to Use:

Place pads inside bra with soft mesh side against your skin. The little purple tag should be on the outside. Change pads when wet & machine wash after every use.